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Arranged in five principle stages, the programme is built around a series of four to five-day intensive workshops, study groups, case studies, and personal therapy.

You may move through these stages at your own pace, provided you allow enough time between workshops (usually at least 3 months).

You need to complete the module and absorb and apply the practical work, further develop your fine palpatory skills, review the course notes, and cover any required reading.

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“Every treatment protocol should be dictated by the wisdom of the patient's own body."

Dr John Upledger
 - Upledger Institute Ireland
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The workshops are primarily experimental. The demonstrations and “hands-on” exercises are supported by clear, illustrated lectures which enhance the practical work.

These lectures help to explain what is being felt and achieved and connect up the experiential elements with their functional and symptomatic indications.

All aspects of each workshop’s syllabus are brought together in a form that can immediately be integrated into your own practice.

Those who require greater degrees of technical depth and detail will find the textbooks and research work satisfying.

We emphasise that the aim of the workshops is to encourage and support an objective and compassionate therapeutic approach.


All course material is written and organised by Dr. John Upledger recognised world-wide for his research involving cranial techniques and for his subsequent development of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.

Current teaching formats are the result of development and refinement over 20 years of instruction to groups of widely differing therapeutic approaches and experiences.

Your workshop will be conducted by an Upledger Institute Certified Instructor.

They will be a practising healthcare professional who has completed our extensive programme of preparation.

They will have trained directly under Dr. Upledger and carried out years of study.


Meeting sites:

To enhance your workshop experience the Upledger Institute selects attractive, convenient, and well-managed facilities.

Pre-reserved rooms at a corporate rate are available to participants choosing to board onsite.

Our workshop locations are chosen in areas where alternative budget accommodation is reasonably close by.


(All except Advanced CranioSacral Therapy) Usually on the first day of the workshop registration is from 8.00am to 8.30am;

Class hours are from 8.30am to approximately 5.00pm except the last day which is 8.00am to approximately 3.30pm.

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy hours are covered in that section of the brochure.

Actual times for your workshop will be confirmed beforehand.


Dress comfortably in loose-fitting, casual clothing; a sweater is recommended.